Master Key Detox

It was interesting doing the Master Key this morning. My computer kept stopping and starting the whole way through – possibly a break in connection some where but I felt very calm and the longer session felt really deep. AND, my breathing capacity was double!

I could hold my breath for a minute doing the Basic Extreme Master Key which really shocked me because the last time I did it I could only do 45 seconds max! But it felt deeper today on all levels. And it helps that I am on a physical detox too – today is Day 7 and I am taking some herbal tablets that have been helping with that process.

I also want to mention that just before doing the Healing Codes and then extreme Master Key, I had this nauseaous feeling at the top of my abdomen close to my ribs so the herbs had already started working. But as soon as I intended to do the Healing Codes, the pain disappeared immediately! Wonderful!

If you would like to know more about the Healing Codes visit here


And the Master Key visit here

I use both and definitely recommend both, they compliment each other nicely. I didn’t know what the Master Key was about to begin with but when I started doing it with the Healing Codes I realised it opens me up to the healing that I am working on when doing the Healing Codes. Like a flood gate opens – so 10 times better than doing the Healing Codes alone. But! Before the Master Key, I still got awesome benefit from just doing the Healing Codes alone.

There is also the Healing Codes book which will give you the Universal Code which is also available by going to the top of this page. This will also give you HUGE benefit. I use it when I don’t have the Codes handy and can just sit wherever I am to do the Universal Code because I remember it.

Give either of these a try – they work wonderfully and have changed my life!